OpenText MBPM 9.x Delta

Two Day Course

After completion of the two days of the instructor led training, the student will have a good level of hands-on development experience with the standard MBPM 9 architecture and tools while obtaining the necessary skills to develop a business process management solution utilizing MBPM 9.

Specific outcomes include the ability to:
  • Compare and contrast the difference between prior versions of MBPM and Metastorm BPM 9
  • Properly utilize and maintain the system architecture of the MBPM 9 environment
  • Develop a good understanding of the new developer environments and and overview of the Administration functions

Day One
  • Class Introductions

    Course Objectives
    Setting Student Objectives
  • MBPM 9 Terminology and Architecture

    MBPM prior version Terms versus Metastorm BPM 9 Terms
    Standard MBPM 9 Architecture
    MBPM Web Administration Tools
    MBPM Web Client
  • Touring the MBPM Designer

    MBPM Layout
    MBPM Designer Components
    Configuring the MBPM Designer Options
  • Developing MBPM Solutions

    MBPM File Structure
    MBPM Solutions
    MBPM Projects
    MBPM Processes
    MBPM Process Model Styles
    MBPM Deployment
  • Business Objects and Variables

    Business Objects
    Variable Types
  • Forms and Form Elements

    MBPM Forms
    MBPM Form Elements
    Binding Forms to Processes
    Binding Business Objects to Forms
    Linking Form Elements with Business Object Variables
  • MBPM Designer Tools

    IntelliSense within the MBPM Designer
    Expression Builder
    Expression Builder Groups
    Event Handlers
    Visual Scripting Interface
    Visual Scripting Groups and Activities
  • Group Roles and Process Lanes

    Introduction to Roles
    Introduction to Process Lanes
    How Roles and Process Lanes Relate
    Administrating Group Roles
  • Database Connections and Database Business Objects

    Database Connection
    Table Business Objects
    Query Business Objects
    Leveraging Views and Stored Procedures as Business Objects
    Query Builder
    External Database Integration

Day Two
  • SQL Commands and ProcessContext.UserInput

    INSERT Statement
    UPDATE Statement
    DELETE Statement
    Stored Procedure
    ReplaceSubstrings Function
    Grid Types
    Business Object Index
  • LDAP Connections and LDAP Business Objects

    LDAP Connections
    LDAP Business Objects
    For Each Loop Activity
    Email Functionality
  • Web Services Integration

    Web Service Connections
    Accessing Web Service Methods and Parameters
    Consuming Web Services
  • Process Data Business Object Parameters

    Applying Parallel Processing
    Configuring Parameter Values
  • Code Activity

    Assigning Values to Variables Via Scripting
    Leveraging Metastorm API Functions
    Accessing .NET Assemblies
  • Server Side Scripting and Libraries

    Developing C# Server Side Scripts
    Promoting Functions to the Expression Builder and Visual Script Toolbox
    Developing and Deploying Libraries
  • Multi Lingual Process (MLP)

    MLP Explained
    Utilizing MLP within the Metastorm BPM Project

Experienced MBPM Developers who wish to upgrade their knowledge to Metastorm BPM 9.

It is recommended that attendees have experience with Microsoft Windows (Ribbon based user interface) products, MBPM, fundamental relational database concepts, utilization of SQL statements, active directory/LDAP, web services & application development experience utilizing scripting languages such as C# and JScript.

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