OpenText MBPM 1-to-1 Mentoring

Do you want intensive, tailored development of your skills? 1-to-1 mentoring will deliver results focused on your abilities and processes

For a more personal approach to developing your Metastorm or ProVision abilities, we can provide a flexible program, the deliverables being dictated by you. Unlike structured courses with exercises and supporting material, our Senior Consultants will evaluate your current levels of understanding and deliver a curriculum tailored to your organisations precise requirements. Examples of content blends include :


  • Group sessions for familiarisation with the capabilities of and opportunities afforded by, OpenText MBPM and OpenText ProVision.
  • Group overviews of the Designer and basic process creation for a wider audience than just developers.
  • 1-to-1 mentoring for technical staff, focusing on extending their existing knowledge and managing successful projects.
  • .Net, SQL etc coaching with particular attention to its application in your organisation
  • Deeper understanding of the implications and requirements surrounding integration with neighbouring systems and web applications

All too often, consultants are engaged simply to execute elements of a project such as tuning code or platforms. How much more useful though to shadow these activities, having the thought processes explained and being coached to arrive independently at the same conclusions our consultants would?

Our mentoring consultancy is the most efficient and cost effective way to enrich your development team and processes, with benefits that extend way beyond simple education.

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