Zero to Workflow Solution in 30 days

Ready to build your Workflow solution in a month?

That's what we offer - a dynamic partnership with you and a small team of your technical and business colleagues for just thirty business days to produce a Workflow / Case Management solution or Process App, ready for beta test or even production rollout to your early adapters. We setup a cloud workflow platform, select your team to work with us, and together - in just 30 business days.

Our service package includes:

  • Secure Cloud Platform
  • Basic Workflow Solution / Process App*
  • convedo's Agile Project Delivery Framework
  • Customisations for corporate branding
  • Training for technical staff and super-users
  • Up to 8 hours of follow-up consultation support (virtual)
  • 10 User Licences included for 3 month

What will it cost you?

£34,995 total cost + VAT*

What's the catch? None!  This is the cost-effective, high-yield, agile professional services package you’ve been waiting for!

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Some constraints are necessary to ensure project success, of course:

  • Training is limited to a total of three days for one or two groups of up to 12  students combined, covering basic concepts and practices of administration,  roles and security and core features and general use. Customer will provide training location and facilities to accommodate instructor (PowerPoint slide) presentations and hands-on student workstation exercises.
  • Basic Workflow Solution - a process map covering the submission, key user processing and approval stages, up to 5 forms, 2 reports (we give you a dozen standard forms and reports and components for free) – Integrations to external systems are not part of a basic process.

* Terms apply

Ready to start? Let's build it - and build it right - together!

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