Robust. Intelligent. Digital Workforce.

By combining robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create Intelligent Automation (IA), you can breakthrough the growth potential ceiling.

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Why Should You Implement RPA?

There are some valuable benefits to implementing robotic process automation

Business-Led Solution

Skip the technical jargon with convedo delivering your RPA solution. We can ensure your RPA technology to be led through your business leaders' requirements.

Customer Interaction

By taking your staff off manual repetitive tasks at scale, you can free up your staff so they can interact with your important customers more.

Achieve Cost Savings

By using RPA, you will achieve cost savings by employing a digital workforce that can operate 24/7 without the element of human error.


The Limitations of Scaling Operations

To meet the challenge of digital transformation, you must be able to overcome the limitations of your operations by scaling correctly. Running your business with manual processes puts a ceiling on your growth potential. 

Without automation, there are limitations on:
x  How much productivity you produce
x  How many clients and customers you can service
x  How much speed your operations can work at

How to Scale with a Digital Workforce

By combining robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create Intelligent Automation (IA), you can breakthrough the growth potential ceiling.

RPA with Blue Prism gives you the ability to:
  • Automate your workflows increasing productivity levels
  • Create efficient connected systems to service more clients
  • Streamline your team's workload and move faster than ever before

6 key features in the digital workforce platform


Digital Workers have Intelligent Automation Skills to leverage technologies that delivers agile process workflows


Capable of evaluating and evolving processing patterns to derive meaningful analysis from datasets.


Able to create a seamless communication and collaboration between people and workflows.


The ability to read, make sense of, and transcribe visual information digitally.


The ability to take advantage of opportunities to optimise workloads that optimise business outcomes.

Problem Solve

The ability to solve logic, business and system problems without the need of a human worker.

Providing Enterprise-class RPA

Leverage our expertise for a smooth transition on to RPA

Business Led

RPA, AI, and other disruptive technologies must be led by operational leaders throughout the organisation. It is these leaders who are in the best position to point out business challenges and opportunities.

Technology Controlled

Disruptive technology should be easy to use and governed by IT to adhere to strict security and compliance standards. When business leaders and IT are operating in sync, business goals are achieved much faster.

Intelligent Platform

Powerful technologies are used to deliver scalable and secure Intelligent Automation. We are here to connect our customers to these technologies.

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