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UK  Public Sector is at the forefront of transforming public services with intelligent automation, defying its reputation of being technology laggards.  Processing of paper forms, on-boarding of new citizens, validation and verification of benefit claims, change of address requests.. the list of public services benefiting from automation has only begun.

How can you use Intelligent Automation to service citizens better, reduce operational cost and meet increasing regulatory pressures?   Download our free guide which lists best practices for transforming public sector operations.

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Operational Efficiency

Automate manual data matching, validation, data entry and other mundane tasks to free up your time to service citizens better.

Reduce Costs

Reduce cost of operations by creating a cohesive virtual workforce that supports human workers. Ensure best utilisation of all agency resources.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Deliver a modern experience for the "instant gratification" generation of citizens. Empower citizens to submit documents and communicate with the agency via their preffered channels.

The self-services kiosks were key to the new hospital's mission to provide a high-quality patient experience. More than 50% of patients are now able to check in electronically allowing for a smooth "patient flow." Since routine registrations are handled by the automated kiosks, receptionists at the hospital are now able to focus on more value-added functions.

Deputy Director of IT Services, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.


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