convedo Intelligent Capture Cloud

The fastest way to implement Data Extraction for Intelligent Automation

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Unique Solution

The only OCR connector on the market which provides true “SaaS” capabilities. Automate and analyse content-centric processes involving images, emails, hand written or paper letters.

AI Intelligent OCR

AI intelligent IRIS technology provides High Quality OCR (HQOCR) and self-learning capabilities

Invest in the future

Sustain, measure and adapt digitisation processes over time. Solution grows with your company’s future requirements

Automate any content-centric process

The convedo Intelligent Capture Cloud focuses on the document, applying such Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies as optical character recognition (OCR), and machine learning technologies to identify and classify content and extract data – all while continuously learning from human input. The Intelligent Capture Cloud data extraction process includes support for recognizing machine print, hand print, barcodes, and checkmarks. This technology is powered by IRIS, a Canon company.

Blue Prism complements the workplace with an elastic, multi-faceted and multi-talented digital workforce, helping organizations automate and scale business processes via AI, machine learning, intelligent automation and sentiment analysis.

Revolutionise Your Processes Now

The Intelligent Capture Cloud is an innovation developed by convedo exclusively with IRIS optical character recognition technology. This is a powerful solution to organisations that have the heavy burden of relying on paper struggling to go digital. The use of OCR technology combined with business process management tools and robotic process management can truly transform an organisation's operations to be more efficient, empower employees to attend to clients and make huge cost savings.

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