Grant Fund Automation Platform

For UK Local Authorities dealing with Small Business Grants

Is your Local Authority prepared to handle the surge in requests for the Small Business Grant Schemes?

The Grant Fund Automation solution enables UK Local Authorities to disburse a large volume of grants to small businesses (SBGF and RHLGF) and be deployed within hours.

Grant application submission online, through a call center or relationship manager, or through intake of application via email or paper.

Qualification, including initial eligibility survey, information and document collection, qualification, and digital signature collection. 

Complete real-time reporting and auditing for easy business visibility into grant processing, as well as ongoing compliance requirements.

Secure, Cloud-based solution with low-cost of ownership

  • Easy Deployment
  • Easy Customisation
  • Fixed Price

Appian Grant Funding Solution

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Process applications faster. Reduce compliance overhead - Everything you need, deployed in a matter of hours.

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