Digital Transformation Through Business Process Management

Boost productivity, optimise your operations, build solutions, and work smarter.

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Boost Productivity

Making the use of integrating systems, user experience interfaces and automated workflow. You can expect your productivity to skyrocket.


Optimise Operations

See your business processes evolve by utilising the latest BPM software. Optimising your operations will give your staff the tools they need to achieve their targets.

Build Solutions

Build Solutions

Building solutions that are powerful, fast, and ensuring that they work on all devices. We are experienced in developing solutions to some of the toughest technological challenges.


Work Smart

Employ an intelligent workforce to automate your manual and repetitive processes. Leverage your human workforce to deal with tasks beyond RPA.

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Deciding where to focus your efforts when leveraging your BPM platform should not always a case of listening to 'he who shouts loudest'

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Achieving Your Business Goals With Expert Guidance

Achieving Your Business Goals With Expert Guidance

Every organisation has a unique story to tell. We understand that your business goals are unique, which therefore requires unique solutions to achieve them. There will undoubtedly be challenges, and we ask that you will work with us in order to overcome them.

By leveraging our experience in the BPM industry, we are able to build on previous successful initiatives. More crucially, we will be a part of the consultative process to make sure you avoid some of the major pitfalls in the digital transformation journey.

Base Decisions On Facts. Not Intuition

Base Decisions On Facts. Not Intuition

Businesses that struggle to measure their key performance indicators and operational statistics will struggle to improve and compete. It is vital to have the digital software to track and record how the company progresses. 

At convedo, we want to give you the tools to be able to make smarter, data-backed decisions. Not only are we specialists in designing processes in detail for your front line employees, we also see the needs of management to have the right, easy-to-read, business reports. 


Invest in your BPM platform to give your employees the tools to succeed


Our BPM platform solutions are fast and powerful to meet your business requirements


Re-structure old processes for new and enhanced ones. Consequently, see client and employee satisfaction increase


Make use of intelligent automation if you want to scale your operations to the next level

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