Chatbots and Conversational AI

From local governments and healthcare to financial services and hospitality, chatbots are transforming the face of a wide range of industries. Looking to bring the benefits of chatbots into your own organization? We can help.

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Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Automation is at the heart of all we do. The convedo team has the experience and know-how to ensure your automation initiatives are quickly and effectively implemented and achieve rapid time to value. Chatbots represent the conversational Artificial Intelligence, helping enterprises boost productivity and acquire, engage and service their employees and customers with AI-driven virtual assistants across multiple digital channels.

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Understanding Business Needs

Consultation is the first step we take to understand your specific business needs. Intelligent Virtual Assistants meant to serve your customers in a seamless, efficient and intuitive manner. Once we have defined the specific business needs, we can then proceed to the implementation and support.

Using a secure and customizable Conversational Platform, we aim to develop Intelligent Virtual Assistants that are well equipped with AI features that make it able to interact with end-users in an intuitive, human-like manner.

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5 Steps to Enable Hassle-Free Customer Onboarding

Highlighting the Digital Transformation, onboarding programs must now adapt to customers' evolving expectations and operational realities. This whitepaper provides the reader with 5 Steps that seek to suggest ways in which organisations can enable frictionless customer onboarding.

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Chatbot Support

The chatbot support provides issue investigation and resolution​, chatbot flows verification, configuration & integrations.

Conversational AI

Intelligent virtual assistants save time and money through conversational automation while boosting user experience, using a powerful NLP engine that natively supports over 45 languages.​

Technical Support

We have you covered with technical support including platform issue management, defect detection and root cause analysis, bug fixing and chatbot upgrade.

Conversational customer onboarding is now hassle-free with chatbots!
business benefits

Get Instant Benefits With RPA Integration

Chatbots can enable any process from automated conversations to serve as the front line to a customer call center for triage and call routing, to increasing employee efficiency by creating a simplified interface to complex business applications.

  • Human Resources 
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Support
  • Finance
  • Sales
chatbot implementation process

Implementation Steps

  • Define chatbot purpose & target users
  • Validate Solution Architecture 
  • Collect internal process knowledge
  • Outline tech & integration requirements
  • User access, compliance & security
  • Build conversational flows
  • Connect chatbot with selected digital channels

Idea to Automation, Faster.

It’s our commitment to help convey incredible productivity and impact with us. We endeavour to get it right first time, prove your ROI and further your success. Have you considered what can be the potential benefits of chatbots for your business and want to learn more about chatbot use cases? Let's talk!

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