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convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
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Robotic Process Automation.

Businesses these days are simply swamped, with more data and activity to handle than ever. Robotic process automation (RPA) empowers you to regain control over your own workflows, dramatically speeding up your slow, repetitive manual processes through the power of intelligent software.
Enabling Digital Workforces
Robots in the workforce aren't just an idea from sci-fi novels anymore. RPA agents can simulate specific actions that employees perform while using the computer, from websites to Microsoft Excel. Your human employees can work side-by-side with RPA software agents, enabling members of both teams to focus on the tasks that suit them best.
Accelerating Digital Transformation
Every organisation wants to achieve a "digital transformation"--but do you really understand what this entails or how to implement it? No matter your organization's size or industry, RPA can support your digital transformation initiative.

By automatically handling high-volume, time-consuming activities such as claims processing, invoicing, and data migration, RPA can reshape the face of your business. What's more, using RPA allows you to collect more data about your business processes so that you can better understand and optimize your organization's patterns and workflows.
Key Benefits of RPA
Higher productivity: Software can execute rules-based processes much faster than human employees ever could, liberating them to bring more value to the business with higher-level tasks.
Lower costs: IT research firm Forrester estimates that a single RPA agent costs between £5,000 and £10,000 annually--costing you less than a human employee while completing manual processes much faster.
Improved compliance: Organisations in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare must keep a paper trail of their activities in order to prove compliance. RPA standardizes your business processes and makes it much easier to document them.
Appian and Blue Prism
convedo has partnered with two software vendors that are on the cutting edge of digital transformation: Appian and Blue Prism. Appian BPM Suite, Appian's flagship product for business process management, now includes Blue Prism's industry-leading RPA capabilities.

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