convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner

Migration to OpenText MBPM v9.

Are you still running your processes on Metastorm BPM 7.x or even on e-work 6.x?
Maintenance and support for your version will not continue forever and in fact many 'live' solutions are based on software that is nearing or has reached it's End of Life and is becoming less supportable day-by-day!

To keep your processes and business running without any interruption it is important to plan your migration as soon as possible. Quite apart from "keeping up with the Jones'" there are tangible benefits to adopting the latest iteration of MBPM.
Business Benefits
  • Improved user experience and collaboration
  • Enable your mobile workforce
  • Improved business insight by visualising business information
  • Improved intelligence to the organisations collective content
  • Reach new markets through improved localisation capabilities
IT Benefits
  • More easily leverage standards-based skillsets
  • Greater project efficiency via component separation
  • Easier integration with other systems
  • Improved developer productivity
  • Support for the latest technologies
Whilst migrations - especially those from very old versions of software - are never easy, there is a 'right' way to do things. Our OpenText BPM experts have successfully migrated many significantly-sized Metastorm BPM and eWork solutions, and we know the best practises, pitfalls and most efficient planning steps to take to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum and the benefits of current versions are introduced appropriately.

Talk to us about migration now, and start planning for tomorrow.


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