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convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner

Enterprise Architecture.

Deliver Value to Your Business with Enterprise Architecture.
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the process of translating your business strategy into enterprise change by identifying, communicating, planning for and enabling your organisations evolution to the desired future state. Properly executed, EA can help bridge the gap between business and IT and enable your organisations leaders to make better informed decisions.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) facilitates rapid change in an organisations business processes and in the information, applications, and technical infrastructure that support them. It can be a valuable management solution for addressing important enterprise-wide concerns, like assessing the impact of business changes, aligning long-range business plans with system plans, and focusing on the strategic use of technology.

  • Strategic direction - Creates a vision for the enterprise that will guide the development of each architecture component.
  • Business architecture - Describes the current and target business environments, focusing on the business processes and operations of the enterprise.
  • System architecture - Defines what kinds of application systems are relevant to the enterprise and describes the applications as logical groups of capabilities that manage the information and support the business processes defined in the Business Architecture.
  • Technology architecture - Identifies technology principles and defines the technology platforms and the distribution of data and applications.

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