convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner

High-quality business process solutions.

Rely on expert support to help you better compete in today’s ever-changing markets. Explore our offerings, and find out how convedo can provide expertise on topics such as business transformation, business process, enterprise information management and more.

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convedo Transforming Business


The Business Process and Application Architectures for the merger of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq were architected using OpenText ProVision.
convedo OpenText Partner


Linklaters used BPM software as the foundation to create and implement its TRACS tool that manages the creation and tracking of all documents. Integrated into Linklaters existing GLIDE site (Global Linklaters Integration Desktop environment), TRACS enables anyone within the organisation to request a document to be created and amended.
convedo Transforming Business

London Underground

All “incidents” on the London Underground are reported through OpenText MBPM.

convedo Transforming Business


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) used BPM to create a new electronic leave request system that has reduced the time spent by employees and managers in handling leave requests. Now a process that previously took three to four days can be completed in fifteen to thirty minutes.

convedo Transforming Business


GLOBUS headquarters is the central location responsible for processing invoices for internal company expenses, such as those arising from the provision of IT or office equipment, or as part of internal building projects. GLOBUS used BPM to automate and improve these formerly manual and paper-based processes.

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Atos Origin

With OpenText ProVision, Atos Origin completely eliminated change-based defects in a SAP implementation at one of the world’s largest consumer products companies.

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