convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner
convedo - EIM Experts and OpenText Partner

Become part of our strong partner network.

Get the best of both worlds; run your own consultancy without the hassle of running your business.
Partnering for Success

In order to meet our customer's demands with the highest quality service, convedo focuses on a strong partner network for sales and project implementation. This allows us to offer a direct contact and broad vertical expertise to our customers worldwide - for almost every customer scenario.

Your consultancy business, Our support

There are many benefits to becoming a convedo Joint Venture Partner, but foremost among these are the unique business support services we provide - all the back-office, sales, accountancy, IT functions and more are available exclusively to convedo JVP's. These allow you to focus on your strengths, providing solutions and consultancy safe in the knowledge that the grind of simply running a business is taken care-of.

Your Benefits as a Partner

  • Training and Development
  • Support for your pre-sales, sales and marketing activities
  • Administration
  • Operations
  • Payroll, Finance and Business Analysis
  • Information Systems (IS)
  • Group Purchasing
  • Partner Peer Network
  • Legal and Human Resources (HR)
  • Events and Social Activities

Next Steps.

To discuss the next steps to becoming a convedo partner please enter your details below and we will contact you.

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